Abhaya Yoga Foundation


Committed to individual and collective human growth by supporting a mission to awaken, heal, and inspire ourselves and others.


About our Foundation


Abhaya Yoga Foundation is committed to individual and collective human growth by supporting the AYF mission to awaken, heal, and inspire ourselves and others.


Abhaya Yoga Foundation seeks to empower, educate, and serve disadvantaged/sensitive groups who may not normally have access to the powerful teachings of yoga.

Core Values



AYF offers scholarship education, experience in Yoga, meditation, and lifestyle practices that trains each teacher or service yogi how to guide each student toward healing and their own inherent freedom.

AYF’s generative model of training teachers and service oriented individuals provides a network of skilled professionals to serve in the greater AYF programs.

  • At Risk Youth
  • Children’s Programs
  • Elder Programs
  • Women’s Trauma


The AYF Scholarship offers partial and full scholarships to those who would not normally have the means to afford a high quality yoga education. AYF seeks to diversify the population of yoga teachers in NYC as well as to weave together a colorful fabric of experience and background to serve those who may not be exposed to the healing practices of yoga and support of community.

The Teacher Training education provides a focus on: a therapeutic method appropriate for all ages and levels, trauma sensitive training, and yoga for disadvantaged populations. AYF student teachers and graduates have the responsibility and benefit to be integrated into the on-site and off-site yoga and Seva programs by giving back what they have learned.

Discover our yoga teacher training programs including 200-Hour and 300-Hour programs toward Yoga Alliance RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) designation. Read testimonials from our recent teacher training and AYF teacher training graduates

Board Members

A special thank you to our Board Members who have supported our programs:

  • Tara Glazier- President/ Founder
  • Adam Whippy – Treasurer
  • Simone Amber
  • Lori Mason
  • Alexes Hazen
  • James Payor
  • Susan Kotcher


Tara Glazier founded the Abhaya Yoga Foundation with the intention to share yoga with broader demographic and serve a more sensitive and disadvantaged population. She founded Abhaya Yoga, a community oriented yoga and education center in 2010, and had further ambition in 2015 to begin and found the Non-Profit, Foundation work. Having seen a deficit in the yoga community at large, it was Tara’s wish was to provide scholarships for Yoga Teacher Training. Tara’s work through AYF continues to serve by offering space, education, and trained AYF teachers to City-As ( at risk youth), Service Programs benefitting children and elders, and soon – Women’s Trauma programs.